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Working cowdogs for working cowboys



Allison's Stockdogs,
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Hangin' Tree Cowdogs


Hanging' Tree cowdogs are known for their courage and tenacity and their ability to handle any kind of cattle. They are tough, fearless workers whose genetic instincts make them naturals at trailing, finding, and herding.

A composite breeding of several dogs gives the Hangin' Tree cowdog the genetic makeup to be a superior dog for cattle work. From the Catahoula Leopard Dog, top hunting instincts, tenacity, and a natural trailing ability are gained. From the Border Collie, intelligence, trainability, and gathering and herding skills are gained. From the Australian Kelpie, agility, hardiness, and endurance are gained. The careful breeding of those three dogs has produced the Hangin' Tree Cowdog, a medium-sized dog bred specifically for working cattle.


Hangin' Tree cowdogs have short coats to give them protection from heat, help in shedding burrs, and ease of coat maintenance, critical features for dogs working on the open range or in the brush. Their bone structure is relatively heavy compared to their size, a quality that gives them the stamina and strength to meet the demands of working cattle in all kinds of terrain.

All Hangin' Tree cowdogs have alert ear sets and a sharp eye, as well as docked tails. The dogs come in many colors, ranging from solid black to red and blue merles.


Hangin' Tree cowdogs are registered by the American Cowdog Association. Their registry is unique: The dogs must prove that they can and will hit heads and heels before they can receive their registration papers. They must also have slick or short hair. In order to register the dog with the American Cowdog Association, the dog's owner must send a video or photos showing the dogs clearly hitting the heads and heels of stock. Such proof ensures that the breed remains pure and will perform flawlessly as expected time and time again.

Hangin' Tree stockdogs are a tremendous asset in any ranching operation. For example, one of the jobs a cattleman has to do regularly is ride through his stock and check for illness or injuries. Without trained stockdogs, checking 200 head of cattle might take half a day and several men just to get the job done, and generally the cattle are going to be moving and uneasy all the time. But, by using well-trained stockdogs, that same bunch of 200 cattle can be gathered and held against a fence while one person rides through and checks and doctors the cattle. The herd will remain calm and quiet when gathered and held by the stockdog.


The Hangin' Tree cowdog stands out among other herding breeds for several reasons, among which are its sturdy appearance and its distinctive working style. Keeping cattle calm and manageable is vital when moving stock, and the Hangin' Tree cowdog is an expert when it comes to doing just that.

With an efficiency of movement and superior inborn herding technique, Hangin' Tree dogs eagerly and intelligently gather, move, and hold cattle, a job they easily accomplish and obviously enjoy. They are also experts at finding stray livestock that has holed up in the willows or in heavy brush. Hangin' Tree dogs can even follow fresh stock tracks to find cattle that have strayed from the area. A cowboy could have no better partner in his work.